Osteoporosis in women

 The word 'osteoporosis' means 'porous or permeable bone.' It is a disease that debilitates and weakens your bones, less dense and their quality is reduced, and if you have it, you are in more danger for unexpected and sudden bone fractures. It is also called the silent disease because most people don't know they have osteoporosis until they face a big problem like a fracture or broken bone after a slight smash.

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Osteoporosis implies that you have less bone mass and strength. Osteoporosis frequently comes into existence with no side effects or signs, symptoms, or pain, and it is not normally found. The majority of these are fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine. In this article we will dive deep into the awareness of osteoporosis in women. 

Occurrence of Osteoporosis

Around 200 million people are assessed to have osteoporosis all throughout the world. Even though osteoporosis happens in both men and women, women are more times bound to foster the sickness than men. 

Most people are used to believing that osteoporosis is an unavoidable piece of maturing and only aged people can get this disease. Today we discover significantly more about how to forestall, identify, and treat the illness.

Reason Behind osteoporosis in women

One in 3 women over the age of fifty will suffer a broken bone and fracture due to osteoporosis all over the world. After age 50, one out of two ladies will have an osteoporosis-related break in their lives. Another 30% have a low bone thickness that puts them in danger of developing osteoporosis. This condition is called osteopenia. 

Osteoporosis is liable for more than 2 million fractures every year in women, and this number keeps on developing. Here we have some steps you can take to keep osteoporosis from truly happening. Medicines and other treatments can slow the rate of bone weakening, porousness, and misfortune, and on the off chance that you have osteoporosis.

Risk of osteoporosis in women rather than man

Being a woman is always difficult. They already suffer many problems in life. Women have a high chance of getting osteoporosis. They all are at risk of osteoporosis. There are some reasons behind this.

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The main reason is that women have smaller bones and thinner bones than men. The other reason is the hormone present in the women's names estrogen, protects bones and provides rigidity and strength. The amount of estrogen decreases rapidly until she reaches menopause. Due to this, the risk of osteoporosis in women increased.

Some dangerous factors or risks for osteoporosis are out of your control, including: 

  •  Women are significantly more liable to foster osteoporosis than are men., as we already talk about it.

  • Here the age factor is very important. If you are getting older, you have a risk of osteoporosis.

  • You're at most danger of osteoporosis in case you're white or of Asian descent. 

  • If your parents Having from osteoporosis, especially your mother puts you at more risk to get osteoporosis 

  • Brought sex chemical levels tend down to debilitate bone. Reduction of estrogen levels in ladies at menopause is one of the most grounded hazard factors for creating osteoporosis.

  • An excess of thyroid chemicals can cause bone misfortune. This can happen if your thyroid is overactive or, on the other hand, on the off chance that you take an excess of thyroid chemical drug to treat an underactive thyroid.

Symptoms of osteoporosis

Mostly, in the early age, there is no kind of sign and symptoms of osteoporosis. But there are some signs and symptoms when your bones become weak and have no strength in them.

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  • You feel slight pain in your back when starting, but you always feel pain in your back from time to time.

  • Your body posture is changed as incurred in your age you have a stooped structure and your body bent forward day by day.

  • Your height becomes shorter slowly over time. 

  • Broken bones easily and get fractured.

Analysts see how osteoporosis grows even without knowing the specific reason for why it creates. Your bones are made of living, developing tissue. Within sound, bone resembles a wipe. An external shell of thick bone folds over the elastic bone. This hard-shell is named cortical bone. This shell will help to avoid osteoporosis.

Diagnosis of osteoporosis in women

Your medical care, physician, or doctor can arrange a test to give you data about your bone wellbeing before issues start. Bone mineral thickness (BMD) tests are called double energy X-beam absorptiometry (DEXA or DXA) filters. These X-beams utilize tiny measures of radiation to decide how strong the bones of the spine, hip, or wrist are. Normal X-beams will possibly show osteoporosis when the illness is exceptionally far along. 

All ladies beyond 65 years old have a bone thickness test.

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The DEXA output might be done before for ladies who have hazard factors for osteoporosis. Men over age 70, or more youthful men with hazard factors, ought to likewise consider getting a bone thickness test.


Today there is a more extensive assortment of osteoporosis treatment alternatives than at any other time. The sort of treatment you are recommended will rely upon your danger profile. This incorporates the danger for a particular kind of crack (spine versus hip), other ailments, or meds you might take. At last, cost and cost-viability contemplations, protection plans, and repayment approaches will without a doubt additionally impact your PCP's proposals of helpful choices. 

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Medicines have been shown to diminish the danger of hip break by up to 40%, vertebral cracks by 30-70%, and, for certain meds, lessen the danger of non-vertebral cracks by 15-20%.

There are two fundamental kinds of treatment: hostile to restorative specialists, diminishing bone annihilation, and protecting bone mineral thickness (BMD). In contrast, anabolic specialists invigorate bone development, along these lines expanding BMD. 

Therapeutically endorsed drug treatments for the treatment of osteoporosis and counteraction of cracks include: 

  • BISPHOSPHONATES (alendronate, risedronate, ibandronate, zoledronic corrosive) 






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