Homeopathic Medication or Allopathic Medication, Which One is Effective?

The debate among people on homeopathy versus allopathy is never-ending. There has been a conflict between followers of allopathic medications and believers of homeopathic medicines for years and years. 

In this article, you will get all your queries cleared, so keep reading. Before diving into the “which is better” discussion, knowing allopathic and homeopathic medications is essential.

Homeopathic Medication:

The name of homeopathy medicine is derived from the word “homo,” which means “same.” Homeopathy means “similar suffering.” The field of homeopathic believes that a heavier dose is less effective than a lighter one.  

They are made of natural ingredients as it they are considered to have many benefits. It is not a common practice worldwide, and many homeopathic doctors don’t even have certified doctors’ licenses.

 It is a kind of alternative medicine. Instead of curing the symptoms or disease, homeopathy looks into the primary cause of illness and helps heal them. Although there are no side effects of homeopathy medications, they can completely cure the disease. Following are the three main ideas of homeopathy.

  1. Sole treatment

  2. Like for like

  3. Minimal dosage

Allopathic medication:

It is also known as western medicine or modern medicine. It treats the symptoms rather than looking deep into the leading cause. It is the most common system and is recognized by people worldwide.

 However, there are always some drawbacks of allopathy medicines. Every single doctor who is practicing allopathy is a verified medical doctor with their license approved.


Unlike homeopathy, allopathy medication uses pharmacological drugs to cure sickness. In these years, allopathy has made significant evolution in the range of clinically proven medicines and techniques.

What is the basic principle they work on?


The basic principle on which homeopathy works is the “principle of similar” or “like cures like.” Didn’t get it? Let me give you an example. It is said that over drinking coffee makes the drinker apprehensive, but homeopathic used coffee bean medicine called Coffea Cruda to cure anxiousness.

“By similar things, a disease is produced and through the application of the like is cured.”

                                                                                 ~ Hippocrates (460 BC -BC -77 BC)

                                                                                      “Father of Medicine”


Allopathy is the complete opposite of homeopathy. It works on the principle of “dislike cures like.” It means that the opposite is used to treat the symptoms. For example, a laxative is given to patients with constipation issues.

What is used in the making of medicines? (active ingredients)

Allopathy medicines:

Most medical conditions are treated by prescription or diabetic drugs, and some with surgeries or therapies. Since these drugs are tested and proven and sold after many experiments, they don’t harm any patient but can have specific side effects. Allopathy has a wide range of medicines for all sorts of problems, for example, pain killers for any kind of pain, antibiotics to get rid of germs and bacteria, and many other medicines.

Homeopathic medicines:

Medicines made by homeopathic have natural substances in them with significant biological effects. These substances are derived from animals, plants, or sometimes minerals. Some of these natural substances are marigold, lavender, lead, belladonna, etc. The Latin name of the origin of these ingredients is used to recognize these ingredients.

What is the difference between homeopathy and allopathy medication?

Even though the focus of both these medication fields is to help ill patients cure their disease entirely and once for all, there are still some differences between them. These are;

Allopathic medication is the most practiced and time-worn form, while homeopathic is not mainstream and the latest medication formula.

It is illegal for allopathic doctors to prescribe homeopathic medicines. However, homeopathic doctors are sometimes seen prescribing allopathic drugs.

Allopathic formulas are designed to cure the disease or symptoms and prevent the disease by providing pre medicines. In contrast, homeopathic formulas are intended to heal the body on the whole by making the immune system strong.

Homeopathic medicines have no side effects as they are usually made of herbs, but allopathic medicines have severe consequences.

Allopathic doctors prescribe large doses of medicines, while homeopathy believes in small quantities. The number of doses can differ from person to person according to their need.     

What are the benefits of each?

Homeopathy medicine:

Homeopathy is a secure way to treat conditions

If used as prescribed by a trusted and certified physician, homeopathic diseases are safe to consume. Natural curing substances from animals, plants, and minerals are used to create these medicines, making them complexity-free. The patients consume these medicines in significantly fewer amounts. These medicines don’t have drawbacks like digestion issues, allergic reactions, weak immune system, and sometimes the kidney.  

Quick and effective

Whether acute condition or chronic health condition, homeopathic medicines are effective in treating both kinds real quick.

Natural and scientifically proven medicine

Today, homeopathy is making its place rapidly in the world due to its solid and effective healing properties. It uses natural ingredients and works on the natural principle, “’ the law of similar.”  

Strengthening of the immune system

As mentioned earlier, homeopathy does not only treat the symptoms but treats the body in depth. As a result of strong immunity, the body becomes resistant to infections and diseases, which is also a plus point.

It is perfect for everyone.

Since it does not have any side effects, it is ideally suitable for a person of every age. The less or no risk of toxicity and reactions makes it consummate for the women who are expecting. 

Allopathy medicine:

The most significant benefit of allopathy is that you can detect and diagnose the disease with the help of modern pieces of machinery before it starts to infect you and treat them before they affect you. 

One more significant benefit is, you can repair organs, tissues, and bones effortlessly. Latest technologies are making surgeries easy and effective.  With the help of well-educated, highly professional, and certified doctors, you can rest assured about your safety and rights under the law.

The field of allopathy spends a massive amount of money on conducting proper research, experiments, and testing for different diseases and saving many patients with deadly and incurable diseases.

Apocynaceae, medicinal plants.


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