National Celiac awarness day

 Every 13 September, a National Celiac Disease Awareness Day is held for those who have celiac disease. About 3 million people are affected by this disease.

Those who have celiac disease avoid a gluten diet and take a gluten-free diet because it will damage villi in the small intestine if they take a gluten diet. It also damages the immune system so that nutrients are not absorbed in the body. The gluten diet is found in wheat, barley, rye and some other products. It is a very harmful disease, and the solution to this problem is to avoid a gluten diet.

The national celiac awareness is held and helps to promote diagnosis and support those who have already been diagnosed. The Doctor also advised taking proper diet style to absorb in the body and live a happy and healthy life.

What is Celiac Disease?

It is an auto-immune condition in which the immune system is weak to absorb protein such as gluten. If you have celiac disease, then a gluten diet causes issues in your small intestine. Suppose the person suffering from Celiac and do not avoid from gluten diet so that there will be an issue to absorb nutrients and other vitamins in the body. The celiac issue can be diagnosed at any age, but avoiding a gluten diet is the best treatment.

How do celiac issues affect anyone?

Suppose you see the small intestine under the microscope so that you will see finger-like projections on the surface of the small intestine. These fingers like projections are called villi. The function of villi is to absorb nutrients in the body. The person who is suffered from Celiac has a problem in the villi and cannot absorb nutrients, and a minimal amount of nutrients is passed into the bloodstream.

What is the history of national celiac disease awareness day:

The United States passed a resolution in 2005 to support celiac disease on 13 September (National Celiac Disease Awareness Day).

The day is held to remember the birthday of Dr Samuel Gee, and he is a physician who first discovered in 1888 and wrote about celiac disease and published the treatment of this disease. Then Senate decided to hold this day as National Celiac Disease Awareness Day every year.  

Causes of Celiac disease:

Many theories are given on the celiac issue, but primarily doctors believe that it is caused due to our genes. It is generated through genes from one another, but a specific reason is not discovered yet.

How is celiac disease diagnosed?

First of all, Doctors ask for the entire history and then advised about further issues, which are given below:

  • Blood tests: The blood test is taken if Doctor thinks that he is suffering from Celiac. It has also been taking when gluten diet is taking.

  • Endoscopy: if the blood test is positive, then the further procedure is involved, which endoscopy is, and if the blood test is negative but has the chances of Celiac, then endoscopy is taken. It is a thin tube passed through the mouth and then into the small intestine, and then biopsies took. This procedure is uncomfortable, but it is necessary to take. The biopsies confirm the diagnosis. Sometimes, the second endoscopy is also accepted if there is any uncertainty in the first endoscopy. Endoscopy is the only way to confirm the diagnosis.

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Which treatment is available for celiac disease?

The only way to treat celiac disease is to avoid a diet that contains gluten. It's mean you have to eat a gluten-free diet, and you spend your life eating a gluten-free diet for the rest of your life. Suppose it confirms that you are suffering from Celiac; then, the Doctor advised you to consult a dietitian and get knowledge about a gluten-free diet and how you can eat a balanced diet. The dietitian is also given the best advice for a balanced diet.

What is a Gluten-free diet?

Gluten is found in all foods in which wheat, barley is present. Bread cakes contain a large amount of gluten because it made from flour. Most breakfast of cereals has a large amount of gluten because it is made from wheat and barley. For example, flour is used too thick; barley is used in many things, such as driving in all beers. 

It is believed that oats are not harmful to celiac patients, but one thing remembers that some oats products contain gluten, and it can create an issue for celiac patients. All celiac patients must check the ingredients before eating any products.

Many products are present of a gluten-free diet for people who are suffered from celiac issues. According to Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances (ACBS), suggest to Department of Health to approve a list on a gluten-free balanced diet. These foods contain vitamins, proteins and other beneficial nutrients which are lack in a gluten-free diet.

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Is it necessary monitoring in celiac disease?

 Suppose you want to stay healthy and happy life, so you have to keep your eye on your health. It also thinks to consult with your doctor once a year. It is good to take blood tests to understand that everything, such as proteins and vitamins, is in balance.

Your Doctor also scans your bones if your bones are thin so that you can work on them early. It is also estimated that people who suffer from Celiac have less capacity to produce antibodies against infections. So that vaccination against flu and for other issues is also recommended.

How is Celiac Disease celebrated?

The best way to celebrate this day is to support those suffering from this issue and help those who don't know how to prepare a gluten-free diet.

1% out of 100% is suffering from this issue on Earth, so it is possible your friend, family, and another person will suffer. The person eats exceptional food and food called a gluten-free diet.

National Celiac Awareness Day is held to see the pain of that person suffering from Celiac and a chance to learn from those who are facing this issue.

Writer: Sakeena Laghari

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