Must Haves checklist for new Moms

If you are having a child, you've probably begun to explore all of the baby necessities you'll need in the coming days. Shopping for a newborn baby can be a tough job. Despite the abundance of newborn products available in the market, your kid will not require much stuff. But there are few things that you must have on your shopping list that will easily get you through the first few weeks.

To make your life easier, we have listed some of the must-have baby shopping lists;

Newborn Clothing

Once you have a baby, you will be amazed at how often you'll have to change your baby's clothing throughout the day. Some parents tend to buy too many clothes for their newborns, which is not recommended because newborns grow so rapidly that whatever clothing they own will most likely not fit them for more than a few months.

Following listed items should do the job: 

Ten bodysuits

Ten sleeping suits

Few cardigans that you can put over the top if it's cold outside. 

Take a hat and a pram suit if you have to go out.

Get ready to change all those nappies

You can be sure that after your kid arrives, you'll be changing a lot of diapers. Diapers for newborns are meant to fit from birth (typically between 5lb and 7lb) to about 10-15lb. So, it is advised to check the brand's size before buying diapers. Because of the frequent bum changes at that age, most newborn diapers are thin and absorbent, but there are multiple choices available, so you can easily decide what's best for your newborn.

You'll need the following stuff:

Diapers (suitable size for your newborn)

Wipes for baby

Cotton wool for babies.

Nappy cream to deal with rashes.

Nappy sacks for your infant

A mat or table for changing.

Get ready to take your baby out in the world

There is a chance that your newborn might get bored by staying at home all day. So, it's time to show your kid the outside world. Choose an appropriate ride for your baby so you guys can have a good time outside.

Nowadays, there are so many different prams, buggies, and travel systems to select from, and many are rather expensive. If money is not your issue, then, by all means, go for such products. But if you want to save some bucks, you might go for second hand stores and sale places.

You should include the following stuff in your shopping list:

Buggy or pram

The seat of a car

Sling (it is optional but worth it)

Baby feeding essentials

Get ready to feed your infant continuously, which means you'll need many baby items for mealtime, whether you're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. When it comes to feeding, there's a lot to think about. It's also a good idea to talk to your pediatrician about developing an appropriate dietary plan.

Here are some essential baby items that you would like to add to your shopping list: 

High chair


Nursing pillow for baby feeding

10-12 bottles and nipples, both 8 and 4 ounces

Play essentials 

When your child begins to engage with the world, they will be interested in everything in their surroundings. They will start discovering stuff, and every action will lead to a discovery. Smell, sound, taste, sight, and touch are all examples of this.

It would help if you also played with your newborn. Playing with your baby will help you and your baby to know each other. Because your baby's personality will be revealed through this activity and You'll know what it is that your baby enjoys the most.

To enhance the baby's learning environment, you should add these items to your shopping list: 

Books for baby

CDs of baby music

Bouncy seats

For muscle movement or little exercise, buy a squishy ball

Health essentials for baby

It is necessary to have appropriate equipment in case your baby falls ill. Such types of equipment will provide essential aid and also help to save from severe injuries. A stuffy nose, gassiness, teething pains, and fever are just a few of the typical illnesses and afflictions that infants and older kids may face during their first year and beyond; in such cases, such equipment's come in handy.

You should have:

A thermometer for baby to measure fever.

First aid kit for baby.

A nasal aspirator

Appropriate nail clipper for infants.

Antibiotic ointments.

Sleeping essentials and appropriate bedding

To give your baby a peaceful sleep, you need to include this in your shopping list as well. Because you don't want your baby to wake up during the night, whatever stuff you choose in this regard, make sure that your baby will sleep in the same room as you for at least 6-12 months. 

To assist your infant, enjoy, and have a comfortable sleep, you should provide them with all the necessary equipment. If you want your infant to sleep for lengthy periods, you must also provide a safe sleeping environment.

For starters, you need to include the following stuff in your shopping list:

Blankets for baby.

Mattress Pad

Quilt for baby

A smooth sheet for your infant

Cover for Mattress.

Bathing essentials for baby

For a newcomer in the family, you will need separate bathing essentials. This process Is quite enjoyable once you get a grip on your slippery infant. 

A newborn baby's skin is soft and sensitive, and it should be dealt with proper care. Having a good bathing and skincare routine can help you to maintain the texture and health of your infant's skin.

What kind of bathing equipment is required for newborns?

Baby soaps and baby shampoos (Gentle and non-irritating)

Appropriate bathtub for babies

Make sure that washcloths are soft

Hooded baby towels 

Lotions for baby

Make sure that the clothes and diaper that your infant is going to wear are clean

Final Verdict

Once you have checked everything on the list, now get yourself ready for the baby's arrival. It could be stressful and exciting at the same time. Just enjoy your moment. While buying stuff for your kid, don't neglect yourself. You can only make yourself available for your child when you have everything you need to be calm, cool, and focused. So, buy some stuff for yourself as well. Put your feet up and get as much rest as you can before embarking on your new journey!

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