Is lemon good or bad for the skin?

  Most beauty ingredients aren't made in labs; they are already made in nature found in different plants, fruits, and vegetables. All these natural ingredients are filled with a wide range of health benefits. Lemon is one of these natural ingredients, which is well known for its unlimited health benefits. You might love to have a cold glass of lemonade, a steamy bowl of lemon chicken but do you know there are tons of uses for lemons outside of the kitchen?

  Lemon comes up with an enormous range of benefits for your skin. Lemon carries a rich amount of Vitamin C and citric acid; therefore, it is well known for its detoxifying effects. Although, lemons might damage your skin. In this article, we'll take a look at the advantages and different risks of using lemon on your skin.

How can a lemon be beneficial for us?

    Lemon has been used for thousands of years in various cultures all over the world for skin purposes. According to different researches, lemon is packed with a large number of beneficial properties.

  • Treat acne

  Lemon juice contains a rich measure of antifungal properties, which assists with diminishing oil from your skin. As you most likely are aware, oil is the significant reason for skin break-out scars.

So it helps in recuperating skin break out as lemon contains antibacterial and antifungal amounts utilized commercially in various beauty items.


  Cut a lemon into two pieces and rub it onto the affected areas of your face. Then wash your face with warm water. 

  •  Remove blackheads

  Lemon encompasses citrus extract, which causes a drying impact on skin which helps in controlling the overproduction of pimples. As you realize that citric corrosive is a sort of alpha hydroxy acid that helps in separating the dead cells of the skin, which are the fundamental driver of pimples


 Blend a few drops of lemon juice into a bit of sugar and blend it well until it becomes a thick and lopsided glue. Apply it on the influenced spaces of your skin and sit tight for 3-5 mins. Wash it with warm water. Utilize this cure consistently because it will assist you with eliminating a wide range of blackheads

  •  Prevent oily skin 

 Oily skin is the most irritating skin issue all around the world. Lemon is considered the best home solution for oily skin since it contains a broad scope of antibacterial properties, which is ideal for treating oily skin issues.


 Take 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of water and mix them. Use this mixture on your face with the help of cotton pads and wash it off when it becomes dry.

  •  Smoothing dry & cracked lips 

  You must have gone through the pain that comes along with dry, cracked lips. You can dispose of this aggravation by utilizing lemon. It will smoothen up your lips and will eliminate dead skin cells from your lips.


 Take two pieces of lemon and Cut a lemon into two parts, rub it across your lips, and leave it overnight. Wash it off the following day. By using this remedy, applying lipstick will be easier for you.

  •  A cleanser for your face and body 

  Cleansers you are utilizing for your face, and body wash might contain synthetics that prompt scars on your skin. If you are uncertain about your cleaner, you should change to a characteristic cleaning agent: lemon. Lemon has a purging property which may likewise be utilized as a cleanser.

Tip :

 Mix equal quantities of lemon juice, yogurt, and almond oil and use it as your cleanser.

It's just lemon. What's the worst thing that could happen?

  Excess of everything is terrible; similarly, using excessive lemon on your skin can damage your skin because it has low pH, making it too acidic.

That's why using lemon on your skin may have several side effects. Some of them are as follow:

  • Skin irritation

  It is viewed as the most well-known symptom of utilizing lemon all over. As we have talked before, lemon has exceptionally acidic properties because of which your skin becomes dry and results in skin irritation. Sometimes, your skin is touchy; it might likewise prompt extreme skin issues. 

  • Sensitivity to sunlight

  Going out in sunlight after applying lemon might prompt Phyto photodermatitis which is fundamentally a skin response when you use any citrus food grown from the ground into the sunlight. It might bring redness, swelling, and itching to your skin.

  • Leukoderma

  Using lemon on your skin regularly may increase the chances of Leukoderma. Leukoderma is a skin issue that causes loss of skin pigmentation and creates little white patches on your skin. 

  • Sunburn 

  The risks of sunburn are increased by using excessive amounts of lemon juice on your skin. In case you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you should avoid using lemon on your skin. If you are not sure about skin, then firstly apply a patch of lemon on a small area of your skin and test if it is suitable for your skin or not. 

Final verdict

   The allure of using lemon on your face might look so appealing, but only a limited amount is safe for your skin. If you think that your skin can endure the citrus fruit, you should apply it to your skin.

  It would be best if you went for a dermatologist for the treatment of specific skin problems. They better know which medicines are alright for your skin, alongside which ones you should stay away from.

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