How your skin can react to AHABHA solutions?

 Everyone wants to have good quality skin as now a day it becomes your desire to look fresh, clean & clear skin complexion. For this purpose, usually, people use different types of products. These products may make with the solution of AHA & BHA.

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It also has the best impact on your skin, along with few side effects. Before the discussion of its reaction on your skin, here firstly defined these terms.

What is AHA & BHA?

AHA is the abbreviation of Alpha HydroxyAcid, whereas BHA is the abbreviation of Beta Hydroxy Acid. AHAs are such a type of acid made by syrupy fruits made with resolvable acid. In contrast, BHA is used to remove the additional sebum along with dead skin cells.

The reaction of AHA & BHA:

With the usage of AHA, your skin is looking smoother and brighter.AHA is also beneficial for exfoliating the skin. BHA helps reduce large open pores, and your skin becomes wrinkles free clean surface. Both have practical benefits for your skin, such as;

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  • Clean out pores & to foil from acne
  • Get rid of a dead skin prison cell
  • Increase glow on your overall skin surface
  • Keep your skin texture even
  • Lessening inflammation, which causes acne, blackheads & many other skin problems
  • Helpful for promoting collagen or protein production
  • Equal increase the flow of blood in your skin
  • Useful to reduce & eliminate the discoloration or dark sport/mark
  • Acne free full treatment
  • Also useful & make your skin makeup or any cosmetic skincare product absorption.
Nowadays, many companies use AHA BHA solutions in their skincare products due to their practical benefits because both AHA & BHA are exfoliating your skin. Such as the AHA solution considered being more beneficial for the treatment of skin pigmentation. The issue of your skin Pigmentation means that your skin tone is in a different color, like your face skin one side dark brown while another side is in light skin tone. However, the BHA solution reaction on your skin is less effective, irritating, and has extra antibacterial things.

Daily uses of AHA BHA:

Daily, the use of such products containing AHA BHA solutions may be harmful to your skin while it removes dead cells from your skin because, naturally, our skin eliminates dead cells every day. Hence, please start using this solution product one time every week in the beginning so that your skin is addicted to the uses of these acids. After then you can use it 2-3 times per week.

List of AHA BHA solution products:

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Many products contain the AHA BHA solution, such as;

  • Face cleanser or cleansing milk like LUMI specifically developed for the acne skin or large pores.
  • Skin Toner has contained approximately 3.9 AHA BHA solution because it is made with natural mineral water and apple water or any other fruits water.
  • Face wash; is also an everyday usage product, contains a Glycolic solution that softly exfoliates your skin.
  • Peel off or face mask; also includes Alpha Hydroxy Acid for a good reason: making your skin even and removing blackheads. Ordinary peel off mask in which 30% AHA & 2% BHA include is used for oily skin.
  • Different types of Serum are on the market, with 12 per cent AHA BHA to keep your skin bright and smooth. To get the best result, use these kinds of Serum every day.
  • Moisturizing cream or lotion; these products have a mixture of AHA BHAused to remove your wrinkles and laugh lines. To get a better result from these products, you should keep them cool like in the fridge.
  • Sunblock lotion or sunscreen cream; consist of an AHA solution with a multi-vitamin that protect your skin from the harmful sun raises and keep your skin smooth or shining.
  • Body wash soap; one thing must remember is that your body care is most important, so this unique soap is in which AHA helpful solution to keep your body soft, clean & brighten your dull or rough skin after taking a shower.
  • Body scrub; several types of scrub are available from which you are most familiar with a sugar scrub that contains AHA BHA solution to exfoliate your skin. And improve your skin appearance after removing dead cells. You must avoid purchasing DIY or formula scrub that consists of high sugar levels because it is harmful to your skin or may damage your outer skin layer.
  • Lips bam; A variety of lip balm available by using it daily may feel soft or moisturizing lips. Whereas on the other point of view, if you forget to use it, your lip's upper skin is soon dry or damaged. These products also contain AHA solution in which syrup fruits use to make your skin addicted daily.

Final thoughts:

Finally, we recommended that the AHAsolution have a high level of coenocytes consistency which means that your upper skin layer contains cells. These coenocytes create skin blockade. As a result, skin problems like irritation start that are harmful to your outer skin layers. Whereas the products with a low level of coenocytes can be effective for your skin complexion and useful to peel out the upper damaged surface to your skin and new pigmented skin takes place.

Suppose you have acne or dehydrated skin before using the list mentioned above of AHA BHA solution products. In that case, you must consult with dermatologists because the dermatologists will be recommended the best products according to your skin type. One better thing you must note is that the AHA BHA solution has vital elements that can easily damage your skin tone if you misused it. Whereas, age factor also have noticed because, with the passage of your age cycle, the process of new cells slows down.
One important note - if you're over your 50's, your skin should be treated the right way as explained on the "skincare over 50 blog"

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