The clot in the blood is a quiet killer! It kills humans in such a mysterious way that there is no sign or symbols sometimes before the death. It means that the clusters of blood are created due to some reasons inside the human blood. And the disadvantage of these clots is that they can appear anytime in the body without any prior symptoms and can cause complications inside the body.

Such clumps negatively impact human beings as sometimes there are no symptoms or signs before their formation. This article is all about clots formed in the blood, how lumps are formed, how they help save a human life, and how they risk human lives. It enhances knowledge by explaining the cause of the formation of clots and the ways of its prevention.  



         The blood has various forms. During the clot formation, it alters its shape and transforms from liquid to semisolid kind. Then this semi-liquid form of blood affects the internal system of humans in a way that it can risk a life. Blood clots are sometimes crucial for the body. It plays a vital role in saving the body from injury because it stops the continuous leakage of blood by accident. If the clot does not form in case of an accident or injury, it will lead to severe risk factors, and the person might die. So, we can say that blood clots are beneficial in some situations.

       Sometimes, the clot in blood appears without any injury or accident, so it will severely affect the human body, causing complications. It comes into being so unexpectedly, leading to medical conditions, for example, suffering and discomfort in the chest or heart difficulties. There are various locations inside the human body for clot production. The clot production in the human body affects the complexity of a clot produced in the blood. 

Some possible reasons for the formation

        The human body might form a blood clot without proper reason. Sometimes there are not even any signs or symptoms before the appearance of the lump in the blood, which is very harmful. The following can be the causes.

  • The people are sitting in the same position for many hours. The movement is very significant, otherwise many complications occur, and the production of clots is one of them.

  • A person who is overweight is more at risk. So, the people should decrease and 

  • Maintain the weight. Otherwise, the person has to suffer from severe medical problems caused by the production of a clot in the blood. 

  • People should control diabetes should by many ways like insulin, nutritional diet, and exercise. If diabetes is not directed at the right time, it will lead to many health risk factors, and the risk of clot production is higher in diabetic patients. 

  • Unbalance of cholesterol levels are very dangerous for humans because it will 

  • Lead to many complications. People suffering from higher blood pressure are at more risk of clot production in their blood cells. 

  • Smoking will increase the chances of clot production inside the body cells. 

  • The increased estrogen quantity when the mother is expecting a child. It increases the 

  • Chance of clot production in the body. So during the pregnancy, the mothers should be aware of any signs or symptoms relating to it. 

  • Age factor causes sickness in the body and causes many complications, including the cramps and production of clots. So, the people who are aged are at more risk of clot production. 

  • Pulmonary embolism


       Pulmonary embolism is the floating of the clot from the body to the lungs. It then closes the entrance of blood, leading to many difficulties, including inhaling air from the environment. Due to this, the pressure of blood levels falls to a superficial low level. The person becomes unconscious. The breathing gets hard, and its rate increases. Blood can also be seen coming out of the mouth. Such people should immediately go for an emergency.  

In Heart

       The clot production in the heart is a rare case, but it leads to heart problems and other 

severe cardiovascular diseases.

In stomach

When a clot appears here, severe pain and inflammation are seen in the abdomen.

In brain

The clot production here can cause severe complications. The clot is known as a stroke when it is formed in the human brain.

Death from the clot

Different studies show that people can die just because of this small blood clot. The

National Blood Clot Alliance survey tells that the blood clot is so dangerous that

hundreds of people die daily because of it. It occurs at any age at any time to anyone. Primarily, blood clot formation when the person is recovering from surgery or any other injury or therapy. Sometimes the complications in the birth result in the shape of a blood clot.

Deep vein thrombosis is a term used to explain the formation of a blood clot in deeper veins, like on the lower side of the leg. Deep vein thrombosis sometimes occurs if a person keeps sitting in the same position for a long time. It then leads to suffering in specific locations inside the human body.

 Deep vein thrombosis (The production of a blood clot in the lungs) will lead to many complications inside the human frame. The death of tissue cells is the result of this process. The tissue cells face death because they cannot get the blood required for them due to the clot. Sudden deaths are the result of this process. Go immediately for a checkup if you feel anything.

Final Verdict

The results of clots produced inside the lungs are very severe. People with this condition mostly do not survive and eventually die. According to the study, out of 100, 24 people will face death. The death rate is 37% after getting diagnosed, and these people can survive for a maximum of one year.

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